About Andrew Kimbrell

Andrew is an electric on stage performer with roots in Blues, Country, Gospel, and Southern Rock. This rebel preacher's kid grew up watching his Dad and Grandparent's Gospel Trio perform all over the country. He knew at an early age that he wanted to be a performer of some sort. Starting with a stint in Professional Wrestling, he honed his skills as an entertainer by wrestling in front of crowds all over Texas. After an injury sidelined that venture, he went on to discover his voice, in Karaoke bars, and contests. After a bad breakup, Andrew picked up a guitar and started writing songs. With an acoustic roots sound, he started playing in country bars, and coffee shops. Finally in 2006 he landed a gig with a band called South Wind. During his time with South Wind, he was featured on 95.9 the Ranch numerous times, and appeared on over 100 shows. After 3 years he learned that he wasn’t very country at all. Andrew began seeking out musicians to compliment his true musical style. That’s when in 2010 he found Minus 9, a group of no nonsense musicians who were willing to give him a shot at what he truly excels at...Rock!